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Our company provides audit services for years. Therefore we offer our clients a debugged mechanism of accounting and audit support for business with various additional services which the client wants to order. The adjusted and, at the same time, sufficiently flexible mechanism of cooperation using the developments of our company when dealing with the customers, accelerates the collaboration and allows you to save your money and time for the solution of accounting services problems!

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Ukrainian auditors became members of DFK International

Audit group Glavbuh-audit became member of international Association of auditors and tax consultants DFK... view


Vancouver Winter Olympics

MOSCOW - Russia's flop at the Vancouver Winter Olympics followed widespread misspending by sports... view


Audit's findings reveal minor problems for BOE

A state-sponsored audit of the Montgomery County Board of Education revealed only minor issues, and the... view

Глоссарий бухгалтера

For business sellers

For business sellers - If you really want to sell business, you need to clarify the following aspects inadmissible to any “normal buyer”: • non-transparent business, • business generating unaccounted...

For business buyers -Business buying

For business buyers -Business buying - Business buying — deals' support So well, you decided to buy acting business. Our congratulations! It means that you and your company are successful, you've earned money you want...


Audit - Аудит — подтверждение финансовой и бухгалтерской отчетности предприятий и организаций с целью получения достоверной информации о состоянии дел компании. Аудит...