Prices for the audit services
Price for services of the Audit firm “Glavbuh”.
One of the most common questions, which clients ask us over the phone, is the question – what is the price of audit? Our prices are market-oriented and fair.
There are several ways to determine our price:
1) The optimal one.
Our company’s employee goes to the client’s office for free, finds out the amount of work, the state of accounting and then based on this information the client gets a commercial offer.
Just call (044) 451-44-91 and order the price evaluation of our work or write at e-mail:
2) On the basis of questionnaire and trial balance.
You need to fill in this questionnaire and attach a trial balance for the period of the audit or reporting. Then send the questionnaire and trial balance to e-mail:
The questionnaire for determining the price download.
3) The approximate one.
We will ask a number of questions over the phone, on the basis of which we can offer an approximate price. It will be updated after familiarization with the company’s documents.
Just call (044) 451-44-91.