Accounting outsourcing

The Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” provides its clients with a wide range of highly professional services in accounting (including accounting in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and financial accounting transformation according to the international standards). Our employees are thorough specialists not only in particularities of the Ukrainian legislation, specific normative requirements to accounting itself and to different domain companies’ accounting but also in consulting services provided to companies including those with foreign investments.

The majority of companies face with lots of problems organizing accounting, e.g. difficulties in finding qualified accountant, constant changes in Ukrainian legislation, necessity to contact constantly with checking authorities. It evidently takes much time and forces. What’s the solution?

Let’s study some possible variants.

Variant 1

You look for an accountant yourself, you organize his working place and provide him with necessary software. At the first view you may find evident advantages of the constant accountant. You are able to get necessary information and to charge the accountant with plenty of tasks at any time. If you are lucky to find a professional, this person will constantly monitor labour market and will leave you or ask to increase salary constantly regardless of your state of affairs or quantity of operations.

Variant 2

Since January 1, 2000 a law “On Accounting and Financial Reporting in Ukraine” entered to force in Ukraine giving right to managers to choose accounting organization form by their own. One of the forms is a contractual basis accounting performed by centralized accounting or audit company (art. 8).

Charge “Glavbuh-Audit” specialists with your accounting and direct your forces at your business development!


  • You won’t have to spend time and money on finding qualified employees. Our specialists have excellent qualification and audit experience;
  • You won’t have to organize working places for accounting employees, because we perform works at our territory;
  • You won’t have to spend money on software, accounting, legal systems, etc.;
  • You won’t have to worry if your accountant is ill, on vacation or left, because you’ll cooperate with a company, but not with a single employee;
  • Our accountants are constantly able to consult with auditors or lawyers. It makes them more confident while making decisions;
  • Our service quality is ensured by thorough personnel selection, annual attestation and insuring our responsibility at insurance company.

For your attention the following calculation is made.

Approximate minimum calculation of qualified chief accountant’s maintenance cost in USD for an average wholesale trade company:

  • salary —750;
  • salary fund taxes and income taxes — appr. 350;
  • office rent 6m2 per 1 person — 120;
  • consumables and transport expenses —30;
  • blanks and software, periodicals — 35;
  • advanced training —10;
  • PC and office equipment depreciation — 20.

Total: 1315 USD per month + appr. 1800 USD — one-time expenses on purchase of PC and software (1000 USD), working place organization (table, chair, etc. – appr. 500 USD), accounting software (from 300 USD).

Our accounting services for an analogous company will cost you approximately 500 USD per month. At this, you won’t have to so spend additional costs on working place organization, etc.

It is our responsibility as we perform works at our territory;

Now you’re able to compare financial sides and estimate risks of hiring an accountant. It’s up to you to decide who will defend you interests - one person or a company of professionals.

Steps we make to provide our client with services:

  1. Our specialists meet with you to determine particularities of your company activity and to discuss technical aspects of work (receipt of information and source documents).
  2. Service cost is determined according to the price-list active at the moment of contract’s concluding.
  3. We conclude a contract.
  4. You make acquaintance with a personal accountant.
  5. Once a week you provide us with documentation.
  6. Once a month you receive information about accrued taxes with indices of terms, authority and amount to be paid.
  7. Any problems related with communication with taxation authorities are our problems.

You only need to provide us with documents in time and to pay reasonable taxes.

As additional services for additional payment our specialists will:

  • Make an accounting policy order;
  • Perform personnel accounting;
  • Conduct contracts’ legal expertise.

Cost of services depends on taxation system and quantity of documents to be created and processed by our company accountants.

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