Why choose us

Any client, before choosing a new partner, asks itself – why should I choose this partner and not the other one?
We will answer why you should choose us!
1. Our audit firm has a long and impeccable history of work in the Ukrainian market (more than 15 years). Our company has published more than 100 books and more than 1000 magazines on taxation and accounting, has already given hundreds of trainings on accounting and taxes.
Due to the high quality of services, audit firm «Glavbuh-Audit» was included in the International association of auditors and tax consultants DFK International www.dfk.com.
DFK International - a leading international association of independent audit and consulting companies protecting interests of its clients worldwide for more than 50 years. It counts 345 offices worldwide.

2. Our employees are highly qualified specialists (certified auditors, accountants, lawyers). During the work we use our own methods which allow providing our services qualitatively, quickly and for a reasonable price.

3. We adhere to the strictest confidentiality.
Confidentiality is a duty of auditors and audit organizations to ensure safety of the documents obtained or prepared by them during the audit, not to transmit these documents or their copies (fully or partially) to any third persons and not to disclose data without the consent of economic entity’s owner. The principle of confidentiality must be strictly observed, despite the fact that the disclosure or dissemination of information about the economic entity cannot cause, in the auditor’s opinion, material or some other damage. Adherence to the confidentiality principle is obligatory regardless of the continuation or termination of the relationships with the client and has no time limits.
Upon the client’s request, we draw up a confidentiality agreement as an addition to the contract for services.

4. We work for the result, which is harmonious uninterrupted work of the company and the order in accounting and taxation. We performed hundreds of audit checks for our customers, the result of which is the almost complete absence of claims against our customers by the tax authorities and regulatory bodies.

5. We do not leave our customers after audit.
This is very important, in contrast to many other audit firms, we do not forget the client immediately after 100% payment for the services and give them support in the future, namely:
• consultations on taxes, accounting and law (in oral and written form);
• subscription service;
• the participation of company’s auditors during the tax audit of client;
• legal assistance.

6. We are recommended by well-known companies.
See recommendations on the following page of our website http://glavbuh-audit.com.ua/clients.html

7. We provide high quality services at fair prices.
Services for a reasonable price are determined on a fixed base for the full amount of work, which we define as follows:
• (The best way) Free visit to the client’s office, the definition of terms, number of auditors and fixed price after determining the amount of work;
• On the basis of filled-out questionnaire, which you can get from our website, or send a request by e-mail glavbuhaudit@gmail.com

8. Working with us is financially profitable.
Based on our experience, the price of audit services is much lower than controllers’ fines, time, health, and God forbid lawyers’ fees in case of initiation of criminal cases against the director and chief accountant of the company.

9. You will be confident in the future of your company.
After the audit:
• You will be ready for the advent of regulatory authorities;
• You will identify and correct the errors in the accounting before the advent of the controllers;
• You will bring order to the documents and affairs;
• You will find and improve the weak areas of accounting.

10. Our legal department will provide all kinds of legal services in the financial and business law.
• Contracts drafting;
• Drafting of HR documentation;
• Return of accounts receivable;
• Litigation;
• Consultations on law and taxes.

Call and order our services by multi-line phone
(044) 451-4491
Please send your requests by e-mail glavbuhaudit@gmail.com