History, location


The audit firm “Glavbuh-Audit” (located in Kiev, Ukraine) possesses the leading position in the market of audit and consulting services and has been successfully working for more than 16 years.

The audit firm’s staff consists of certified auditors, professional accountants and masters of law. The high quality of our services allowed us to become a partner of DFK International in Ukraine.

DFK International is the biggest international audit and consulting company represented in more than 80 countries of the world with its head office in London.

Our advantages are:

The Large Branch Coverage

The audit firm “Glavbuh-Audit” provides consulting and audit services to the electric power companies, enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industry, oil and gas, engineering, pipeline and transport industry, telecommunications companies, mass media, medical institutions and many others.

Complex Approach

The audit firm “Glavbuh-Audit” offers a full range of audit and consulting services of international class which are aimed at the development of client’s business. As practice shows, the complex approach provided by company to the customer - a combination of joint work of auditors, financial analysts and business consultants, tax lawyers and lawyers in civil, monetary, corporate, banking, labor law, legislation on securities – the optimal one from the point of view of work efficiency.

The Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” is experienced in:

  • Performing complex audit checks according to the national standards;
  • Performing complex audit checks according to the international standards;
  • Providing services in accounting, taxation, financial and management accounting, IFRS;
  • The formation of accounting policy, internal control systems, solvency assessment and financial condition of the companies;
  • Performing Due Diligence,
  • Legal consultancy.


Strict observance of confidentiality of the information we obtain from our clients is one of the principal standards of our work.

We provide safety of documents obtained during the work and we don’t disclose them without owner’s consent as it is established by the Ukrainian legislation and professional ethics. Confidentiality clause is an integral part of the contract with the client.

Quality guarantee

High quality of work is guaranteed by the system of internal auditing standards “Glavbuh-Audit”, which are developed on the basis of national and international auditing standards. This system corresponds to the international auditing standards and the current legislation regulating audit activity in Ukraine.

Quality guarantee is also stipulated in our contracts providing responsibility for the quality of the performed works. The audit firm “Glavbuh-Audit” has the opportunity to insure its professional liability.

We offer various forms of cooperation on the client’s choice:

  • Audit checks and other tasks on confirmation of financial reporting’s reliability (concluding the agreement);
  • Complex subscription service on accounting and reporting, taxation and legal issues of the organization (concluding the agreement for one year (quarter, half-year));
  • Expert conclusions (concluding the agreement);
  • Representation in tax authorities, courts and arbitration courts (hourly pay or by agreement);
  • One-time consultations (in written form and by telephone);
  • Consulting seminars on accounting, taxation and legal aspects of economical activity (concluding the agreement).

Reasonable Fee Rates

Fee rates correspond completely to the performed works’ volume and complexity. High professional qualification of our specialists, a great experience in the industry, the use of the best company’s methods contribute significantly to improve the efficiency of the work as well as the significant reduction in labor costs. It allows us to provide customers with world-class services at reasonable and affordable prices.