Salary Calculations (salary outsourcing)

The Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” offers distant salary calculation services including either labor remuneration or other payments considering facts influencing changes of taxation base. To account and calculate salary, considerable human and material efforts are needed as well as constant survey of legislation changes.

Charging our company with your salary calculations you’ll save time, money and improve you business effectiveness.

Our services:

  • Staff members’ and contractors’ salary calculations;
  • Creating personnel arrangements;
  • Preparation of labor contracts and personnel accounting;
  • Tax calculation considering all accruals and retentions including social insurance benefits payable, holiday pays and advance holders’ accounting;
  • Preparation of tax and salary transfer accounting documents for any personnel accounting scheme;
  • Any kind of reports preparation for fiscal authorities;
  • Client’s interests representation at insurance funds and taxation inspection;
  • Managerial salary and tax reporting preparation in necessary format;
  • Providing personnel with all necessary certificates to be represented to different authorities.

Advantages for companies:

  • Personnel arrangements process and salary calculations is passed for outsourcing to professional organization;
  • Saving time on difficult and routine calculations;
  • Saving money as our prices compared to personnel expenses and organization are much lower;
  • No need in constant monitoring of legislation base.
Salary Calculations (salary outsourcing) - АФ «Главбух-аудит» №1