Audit and accounting services

Tax and law consulting

It often happens that company needs to get answer on specific question or to make an optimal decision having contradictions in normative documents. In such cases the Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” offers operative written consulting in question-answer form.

Consulting services are provided to the following subjects:

Salary Calculations (salary outsourcing)

The Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” offers distant salary calculation services including either labor remuneration or other payments considering facts influencing changes of taxation base. To account and calculate salary, considerable human and material efforts are needed as well as constant survey of legislation changes.

Charging our company with your salary calculations you’ll save time, money and improve you business effectiveness.

Accounting outsourcing

The Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” provides its clients with a wide range of highly professional services in accounting (including accounting in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation and financial accounting transformation according to the international standards). Our employees are thorough specialists not only in particularities of the Ukrainian legislation, specific normative requirements to accounting itself and to different domain companies’ accounting but also in consulting services provided to companies including those with foreign investments.

Audit for Owners

The main goal of company audit is formation of independent opinion about company fair view, profit allocation, relevancy of expenses, etc.

Audit of company or enterprise is performed as a rule by owner’s initiative. According to the Civil and Economical Codes of Ukraine audit company may perform functions of the enterprise’s revision commission.

Tax Audit

Tax audits are often integral part of company activity able to make successive companies bankrupts. Instability of tax legislation and variances in law interpretation by taxation authorities and enterprises often lead to instability of business development.

We offer a service – tax audit – which will help your company to be always ready for checks and to be opened to reliable development.

IFRS, International audit

Your company financial reporting transformation according to the international financial reporting standards (IFRS), international audit.

Company reporting transformation according to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) may be necessary for the potential investor planning to purchase or to sell a company or studying a possibility of investment in Ukraine as well as to any other owner who needs a report according to the international standards or since 2009 for any public company having their shares on the stock.

Audit in Ukraine

The goal of mandatory audit is to confirm authenticity of company financial reporting according to the decision of Commission on Securities and Security Markets dated 25.01.2001 revised by the decision of State Commission for Securities and Stock Exchange of Ukraine dated 17.11.2004 no. 484.

Audit is mandatory according to the Art. 8 Law of Ukraine “About Audit Activity”:

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