Legal services and taxation

HR paperwork ( HR audit)

Personnel accounting is an integral part of personnel management process.

Filling in work record books, preparing job descriptions, orders and other documents takes much time possible to be spent on resolving questions strategically important for the company.

Preparing contracts

We provide services of preparing and analysing contracts, agreements and other documents containing:

  • Legislation nonconformity;
  • Impossibility to fulfill obligations;
  • Violating rights and interests of the interested party.

We also give recommendations on contracts’ optimisation, changing, improvement and excluding some points and terms to avoid fraud and false deals.

Legal audit

Legal audit is a complex legal analysis of company activity, separate branches of this activity, certain documents or transactions to the subject of their correspondence to the acting legislation, economic or judiciary law.

Subscription legal services

Legal services by subscription it’s a kind of legal services providing for full outsourcing of company legal service functions.

Tax and commercial disputes

Specialists of the audit company “Glavbuh-Audit” legal department are experienced and highly-qualified in the domain of economic and taxation law.

Legal services

Legal services are connected with ability to look for, estimate correctly and use productively advanced knowledge in the domain of law, finances and accounting.

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